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Name:For a Favor ~ the Teleios Missions Logs
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One day, Good and Evil decided to play a game. Kind of like chess, but bigger.

Good believed that one day, the world would have peace. After all, they’re good--optimism and belief in the better parts of a person’s nature comes with the territory. Evil, on the other hand, scoffed at the idea. People were always going to give in to their baser ideals. Even if they managed to find a time for peace, there was always going to be war again.

So they decided to make a wager.

They would collect them all -- heroes, villains, and everything in between -- and place them in a world that evens the playing field. The guilty would have to pay for their sins, but it would be all of the guilty, not just the evil. They would be forced to redeem themselves together, on an even playing field.

They created a brilliant golden city. They invited the people of the world below and let them do with the city as they will. They left agents of both sides and those in between to watch over them, make sure that they paid off their debt in full. Occasionally, the agents will have their own fun with them, but for the most part the inhabitants were left to their own devices.

That was where things went wrong.

The first wager failed, horribly. The city fell to ruin, and the inhabitants vanished, never to be heard from again. Thousands of years passed, and the city remained empty.

Until now.

Teleios is a panfandom RPG based around the concept of redemption with a mythological and religious component. This game could contain violence, adult concepts, and other shenanigans.

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